EchoPark Automotive

Art Direction   /   UI UX

With the tagline “every car deserves a happy owner,” one thing is clear about EchoPark, they are doing something different.

EchoPark is the outcome of 2 years of in-depth focus group study, research and analysis on the pain points of car buying. The simple idea of EchoPark is provide a used car shopping experience like no other. Specifically addressing the common complaints of automotive buyers.

Initially a project of another agency we where brought in to “clean up” so to speak. The broad ideas where a great foundation, however actual execution of the business and marketing plan began to fall apart due to poor market research and lack of knowledge of the automotive industry.

Tasked with establishing a local presence for EchoPark and increasing sales we tackled several areas: Branding and Marketing, specifically through digital solutions. After task analysis, reviewing analytics data and interviewing users we created a digital strategy and website analysis with an ongoing action plan.

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 Digital Strategy | Website Analysis