Sonic Automotive Group

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Taking over from where another agency left office I have been part of a large undertaking to establish and maintain the re-brand of Sonic Automotive Group. Sonic worked over 2 years with another agency to identify and combat the pain points of car shopping. They rolled out this full new brand strategy to 5 stores in the Charlotte, NC area. However the practical, real world implementation and execution of this proved tricky and Sonic turned to our agency for help.

The first thing I did was put together a full digital marketing strategy for the Sonic Charlotte stores, outlining exactly how we’d evolve the brand and marketing elements to specific demographics in the region. Click here to read the full strategy

From there I examined their digital properties for brand consistency and implementation. I outlined ways in which the new brand message could be better executed. Click here to read the full brand outline

The 5 stores in the Charlotte area agreed they would like a central digital presence for the group. With this in mind we set about creating a group website. I created the visual mockup as well as establishing essential website features and user flow.

Working with the account executive and directing my art team we created marketing materials and have had great success in continuing to develop the brand and marketing message.

Digital Marketing StrategyBrand Outline